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TheĀ Purpose and Intent of our Heart

The purpose and intent of our heart is to tell the good news of truth. What is this good news of truth that we are so excited about? That everything and everyone created has the Spirit of God within. It really does not matter if you believe this or not, it is truth. Our purpose is to inspire people to activate this Spirit of Life and Love from within themselves.

We were brought to the knowledge of truth by realizing the purpose for Jesus’ life, death and resurrection was to demonstrate this Life that lives within. He is our ensign. He came to show all mankind that this Life within will resurrect within us, coming through us Spirit, Soul, and Body. This Life came through Jesus and stood Him on His feet. He said, “Touch me and see that I am flesh and bone.” This same Spirit lives and abides and dwells within us and will resurrect through us to bring us into all truth. With this truth, we can walk in peace and love toward the whole earth as we travel on life’s journey.

Our intentĀ is to inspire you to know this truth of your own being, that you may discover the gifts of life within you and express your life’s purpose in this earth walk. It is also to let you know about our life, our way of living, our music and the other gifts that we have been given by God; and that you may be aware of how we express these gifts on our journey here on earth.

We have written many songs and inspirational teachings about our life’s journey as we have awakened into truth. One that comes to mind, and is a good summary of our life’s purpose, is called “The Glory of Love,” from our album, Love Yourself:

“I came to a place in my life I faced my decisions
that was when I realized they were my greatest lessons
and there should be no shame because there is no blame
we’re all on a journey, a journey of learning to let fear end
turning to the power within for the Glory of Love”