Writing & Lyrics

HIS PLAN is Perfect from the Beginning to the End – We must believe and take our hands off of it!.

I don’t know as of yet what will go in this writing, but I do know I am hearing the words of our Father to us.  It is about believing the word of truth in who we are in Christ.

Jesus died ONCE and for ALL.  That means that ALL have the Spirit of Christ within them. They have breath because of that Life within them. Some do not claim to have it. Some deny that that life even exists.  Some do not know they have it but wished they did.  It is there REGARDLESS what you believe. How this Life from within comes alive is when you ask Jesus into your heart to be led and guided by that life.

In my life I had to ask myself: “Do I believe the WORD that has been given to me?.”  I can either do what the word says, or I can continue to try and have my way on what I think is best according to my way of thinking. There is a way that seems right to man that in the end will bring destruction I believe the scripture says, death.  Proverbs 14:12.  I do want HIS WAY above what I think I want and have asked the Lord to grant in and for my life.

Mostly we tell God what we want and expect the Father to perform it. When the Father does not do what we have ask for our life, then we start doubting and then we ask why? I have learned to be still and believe and thank God for HIS wonderful plan. I try to remember scriptures like Jeremiah 29:11.  “I know the plans I have for you declares the LORD, Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

I have seen people pray and pray for a particular thing or person and when THEY finally make it happen it becomes their Hell. When we are believing for something in our lives the Word says, we must believe for it and take our hands off of it. We are to wait upon the Lord and our strength will be renewed.  The prayer I pray is LORD, if this is to be then you bring it forth.

I have said in my life: “Open the doors Lord and I will walk through them!” The Father has been faithful to do so.  I can tell you most of the time it does not happen anywhere near like what I thought I wanted for my life and how I had planned it in my mind. The great thing is, when all is said and done, it is more glorious than I could imagine.  So I can say, in confidence: “Father the Spirit of Life has brought me this way.”  I have truly come to the end of myself in kicking against what the Father brings to me.

I believe HIS PLAN is perfect from the beginning to the end.  The Word of God has said to me, when I don’t have understanding at the moment,  lean not to my own understanding but, TRUST, RELY, DEPEND upon the FATHER to bring it forth.

This reminds me of the story in scriptures of Abraham and Sarah.  Sarah didn’t wait upon the Lord to bring forth the promised SON that the Father had said she would birth. She doubted God and took it upon herself to have Abraham sleep with the bondmaid Hagar, who then gave birth to Ishmael.  This then became a hell inside of Sarah.  The decision that she made while in doubt that God would fulfill the promise became a hell in her mind.  But if you read that story in Genesis, even in not waiting upon the Lord, the Lord blessed Ishmael anyway.  Abraham was not pleased with the things Ishmael was doing, but he blessed him and sent him on his way.  Ishmael would live and become the Father of a mighty nation. God’s promise was eventually fulfilled in the Word spoke unto Abraham.  When Abraham was a 100 and Sarah was ninety she gave birth to the promised son, Isaac.

Our Father has a plan for our life and when we are seeking HIS way through the WORD of GOD to us, the HOLY SPIRIT will remind us of the plan.  His plan is TO BRING EVERY SOUL TO ITS TRUE SOURCE – The Spirit of the LIVING GOD!    For the LIVING WORD has declared: Every Knee will bow unto the ONE WORTHY. Thank You Father that the Spirit of Life lives in us by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT!!!